Do, 20.01.2022 | 21:05-21:35 | OKTO

Delete TV

Musikmagazin, Ö 2022

"̢bi" by HEC: Exploration of the dysfunction of language and falsehoods of representation in both history and media reflecting on Iranian and American narratives. | "collage25" by Luis Carlos Rodriguez: The audiovisual language as an artistic activity that evolves from art and the hand of artist in its two main channels: experimental cinema and video art | Ogg Vorbis Р"Chimera" by Mat Govoni: After contact with infected bats, strange ground crawlers morph into colorful synchronized dancers. Either that, or you're having a nightmare. | "Stamina" by Nadine Heinke: an experimental, animated short film inspired by ecocritical theory and environmental aesthetics | "requiem" by Neda Mohseni: A pandemic tale... | "Transparent, the world is" by Yuri Muraoka: Portrait of a father and his daughter which depicts the relationship between individuals' personalities and the world.

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