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Mi, 24.11.2021 | 03:25-04:35 | BBC Entertainment

Call the Midwife


The whole Poplar community pull together for the annual Summer Fete which, with the introduction of a baby show, involves the midwives more than ever.

China Moo-Young
Vanessa Redgrave (Mature Jenny)
Annie Lacey (Nicola Sloane)
Cliff Parisi (Fred)
Bryony Hannah (Cynthia Miller)
Dorothy Atkinson (Jane Sutton)
Jessica Raine? (Jenny Lee)
Helen George (Trixie Franklin)
Nicola Sloane (Annie Lacey)
John Lacey (Warren Clarke)
Monique Hyde (Velile Tshabalala)
Rita Bailey (Kaye Wragg)
Sylvie Bailey (Kitty Stafford)
Jenny Agutter (Sister Julienne)
Pam Ferris (Sister Evangelina)
Judy Parfitt (Sister Monica Joan)
Laura Main (Sister Bernadette)
Warren Clarke (John Lacey)
Velile Tshabalala (Monique Hyde)
Kaye Wragg (Rita Bailey)
Kitty Stafford (Sylvie Bailey)
Lizzie Roper (Nurse Peters)
Sharon Small (Nora Harding)
Mark Flitton (Bill Harding)
Jake Bailey (Jack Smith)
Lucy Russell (Mrs. Clarke)
Alison Newman (Mrs. Pritchard)
Max Macmillan (Timothy Turner)
Stephen McGann (Dr. Turner)
Tristan Gemmill (Clifford Raines)
Charlotte Victoria (Miriam Pritchard)

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