Detailbild Still Open All Hours
Sa, 13.03.2021 | 06:00-06:30 | BBC Entertainment

Still Open All Hours


Madge is thinking of leaving the area and telling Mavis she has to go with her, so Granville has to come up with a reason to keep the woman of his dreams from moving away.

Dewi Humphreys
James Baxter (Leroy)
Cathy Breeze (Mrs. Hemstock)
Stephanie Cole (Mrs. Delphine Featherstone)
Brigit Forsyth (Madge)
Kulvinder Ghir (Cyril)
Tim Healy (Gastric)
David Jason (Granville)
Sally Lindsay (Kath)
Maggie Ollerenshaw (Mavis)
Katie Redford (Beth)

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