Detailbild Scott & Bailey
Mi, 24.02.2021 | 01:40-02:25 | BBC Entertainment

Scott & Bailey

Nobody's Fool

When the killers change the rules of their sick game, Rachel's safety is in question. As a police officer, Janet is powerless to protect her daughter but she knows she needs to stop the madness.

Alex Kalymnios
Lesley Sharp (DC Janet Scott)
Suranne Jones (ADI Rachel Bailey)
Angela Lonsdale (Gina Mitchell)
David Prosho (DC Ian 'Mitch' Mitchell)
Gregg Chillin (SCAS Neil Simpson)
Tony Mooney (DC Pete Readyough)
Harriet Waters (Taisie Scott)
Nisa Cole (Jenna Mawson)
Suzette Llewellyn (DI Hollister)
Jing Lusi (DC Anna Ram)

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