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Do, 29.10.2020 | 17:40-18:10 | BBC Entertainment


Tough Choices
Sonstiges, GB 2020

Emma goes to Zara for some medical advice, while Karen and Rob prepare to celebrate with Abz. Ruhma gets involved with a new mother struggling to bond with her child.

Merlyn Rice
Bharti Patel (Ruhma Carter)
Jessica Temple (Lydia Bryant)
Flaminia Cinque (May James)
Paul Cawley (Jack James)
Matthew Chambers (Dr Daniel Granger)
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh (Dr Zara Carmichael)
Dido Miles (Dr Emma Reid)
Laura Rollins (Ayesha Lee)
Jan Pearson (Karen Hollins)
Sarah Moyle (Valerie Pitman)

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