Detailbild Father Brown
Mo, 12.10.2020 | 21:00-21:45 | BBC Entertainment

Father Brown

The Penitent Man
Sonstiges, GB 2016

Father Brown suspects an ulterior motive when his old adversary Flambeau is incarcerated. He denies murdering Flynn and asks the priest to hear his confession if he's convicted.

Paul Gibson
Ian Reddington (Samuel Jacobs)
John Light (Hercule Flambeau)
Dylan Brown (Terry Mitchell)
Daniel Adegboyega (Lenny Stamper)
Mark Williams (Father Brown)
Emma Pallant (Peggy Hardwick)
Sorcha Cusack (Mrs Mccarthy)
Emer Kenny (Bunty)
Mike Royce (Clerk)
Eric Carte (Judge)

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