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Do, 17.09.2020 | 20:00-20:30 | BBC Entertainment

Keeping Up Appearances

The Charity Shop
Sonstiges, GB 1990

Hyacinth is at her wits' end, what with the charity shop, Councillor Nugent, Rose's love life, and her Daddy. How will she cope?

Harold Snoad
Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth)
Josephine Tewson (Liz)
Judy Cornwell (Daisy)
Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow)
Shirley Stelfox (Rose)
Clive Swift (Richard)
Gretchen Franklin (Daddy's fiance)
Charmian May (Councillor Nugent)
Norman Lovett (Mr Duxbury)
Denis Bond (His mate)

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