Mo, 02.12.2019 | 15:30-16:00 | OKTO

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Musikmagazin, Ö 2019

DIRECTOR>Van Elslande FILM>Frequencies SYNOPSYS>In an undefined decor workers fulfill a very monotonous job. The repeating character allows them to escape their physical presence. They wander in thoughts tailored to the labor. Or does the labor deliver a certain rhythm that limits their inner freedom? DIRECTOR>Jan Schekauski FILM>Dancing Monkey with Pants SYNOPSYS>At Berlins Europa Center in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall: "Article 1 of the Constitution of the European Union: "Human dignity is inviolable" In everyday life this leaves room for interpretation even more than an abstract painting in a museum. Art that no one can see cannot exist just as knowledge does not exist if it is not made use of. Human dignity DIRECTOR>Philip Rabalais FILM>Problems On The Line SYNOPSYS> A MAN MAKES SOME PHONE CALLS: WHY IS NO ONE PICKING UP? WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN SOMEONE DOES? An unnamed protagonist makes a series of unsettling and unsuccessful phone calls. He is met with silence, noise, and nonsense. Finally, in desperation he dials the authorities, only to find himself confronted with the worst possible outcome: he reaches............! Slipping between comedy, mystery and surrealism, "Problems on the Line" is a short but substantial dive into solipsistic anxiety. DIRECTOR>Markus Kaatsch FILM>SDtoHDuprezMaxV2 – 009.mp4 SYNOPSYS> Booted from the limelight, Max Headroom now roves the video signal on the search for meaning. Once summoned to the screen, he talks to the audience in hopes of remembering his past life. As we watch Max, (and as he continues to watch us), he begins to understand what it will take to escape from his purgatory.

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