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Do, 05.12.2019 | 00:30-01:00 | BBC Entertainment


Lust for Life
Sonstiges, GB 2019

Will Daniel ever change his mind about Ayesha's course? Enzo returns to the Mill, and Becky tries to play it cool. A dying man tries to avoid the truth by splashing the cash.

Amy Coop
Ian Midlane (Dr Al Haskey)
Robert Gwilym (Tony Hopkins)
Ben Parsons (Chris Hopkins)
Ali Bastian (Becky Clarke)
Matthew Chambers (Dr Daniel Granger)
Dido Miles (Dr Emma Reid)
Laura Rollins (Ayesha Lee)
Jan Pearson (Karen Hollins)
Jack Derges (Enzo D'Agostino)
Shireen Farkhoy (Saskia McKenna)

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