Detailbild Last of the Summer Wine
Mi, 04.12.2019 | 16:15-16:45 | BBC Entertainment

Last of the Summer Wine

Behind Every Bush There Is Not Necessarily a Howard
Sonstiges, GB 2010

Hobbo enlists the services of his "team" to help Toby win back the affections of his ex-wife, while Glenda decides to find Morton a woman.

Alan JW Bell, Alan J.W. Bell
Russ Abbot (Hobbo)
Burt Kwouk (Entwistle)
Brian Murphy (Alvin)
Peter Sallis (Clegg)
Frank Thornton (Truly)
Robert Fyfe (Howard)
Barbara Young (Stella)
Josephine Tewson (Miss Davenport)
Christopher Beeny (Morton)
Sarah Thomas (Glenda)

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