Mo, 04.11.2019 | 09:50-10:20 | BBC Entertainment


First Do No Harm
Sonstiges, GB 2019

The Mill staff have fun power-posing, while the consequences of Al's call to social services is made clear. Sid is pleased to sign off a minor surgery patient after her final procedure.

Debbie Howard
Sarah Ball (Cassie MacCormack)
Ashley Rice (Dr Sid Vere)
Alicia Charles (Sofia Lilanga)
Adrian Lewis Morgan (Dr Jimmi Clay)
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh (Dr Zara Carmichael)
Dido Miles (Dr Emma Reid)
Ian Midlane (Dr Al Haskey)
Ali Bastian (Becky Clarke)
Jan Pearson (Karen Hollins)
Sarah Moyle (Valerie Pitman)

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